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SubjectRe: how to capture long oops w/o having second machine
On 12 Dec 00 at 13:31, Tigran Aivazian wrote:
> > > I'm gonna try to compile in a framebuffer and use a high resolution and
> > > see if that'll hold it all when I get back later today.
> >
> > shift+pageup ?
> the problem with Shift-PgUP is that all the framebuffer drivers I tried
> (matrox, ati, vesa) corrupt the screen when it is used. The only way to
> use Shift-PgUp reliably I have ever seen was on vgacon. These bugs seemed
> to be there for years so I didn't even bother reporting them - I just got
> used to the idea "using fb? forget the Shift-PgUP then".

Do not hit 'shift-pgup' while penguin logo is on the screen. Something
somewhere is wrong... (and never hit shift-pgdn; shift-pgup corrupts
screen while shift-pgdn corrupts kernel memory)

Or better, boot with 'video=scrollback:0' (*). I think that we should
make this default for 2.4, as (except this problem) scrollback code is
broken for multihead and fix is not trivial.
Best regards,
Petr Vandrovec

(*) With matrox in 8bpp you'll get almost always bigger and faster scrollback
with 'video=scrollback:0' than with default 'scrollback:32768' ...

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