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SubjectRe: UP 2.2.18 makes kernels 3% faster than UP 2.4.0-test12
On Mon, 11 Dec 2000, Steven Cole wrote:

> Building kernels is something we do so frequently and this test
> is so easy to reproduce is why I performed it in the first
> place. I think it may be as good a test of real performance as
> some of the more formal benchmarks. Comments anyone?

Just one comment. You cannot use a kernel build to measure
other things than those subsystems which the kernel build

Things you could measure with a kernel build: scheduling (L2
cache efficiency), fork, readahead, cpu speed, framebuffer
speed (in the make dep phase) and maybe hard disk speed.

Things you cannot measure with a kernel build: networking,
swapping (unless you do a very big parallel build, and even
then it's questionable), raw IO speed (the kernel build is
latency sensitive, but doesn't need much throughput), ...


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