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SubjectRe: Bad behavior of recv on already closed sockets.

> > Looks like it tries to read on socket which is already closed from other
> > side. And it seems like recv did not return in this case. Is this OK, or
> > kernel bug?
> This smells like an unknown bug in kernel.
> It is unknown, hence there is no workaround (but upgrading to 2.4).
> It would be better to understand the issue f.e. trying to restore
> the history of this descriptor.

How to do this? I mean what should I do to provide you with more information?

> > On the other side I see entries like this:
> > httpd 4260 root 4u IPv4 12173018 TCP
> >
> > And again. There is no any corresponding postmaster process. Does anyone
> > has such expirience before? And what can be the reason of such strange
> > things.
> And this is bug in the application, which forgot to close file.
> Descriptor leakage in httpd or it is blocked at some another job.
> But remembering about the first case, I am not so sure.
> What does httpd make this time?

Hmmm... It's like this. There is an apache with mod_perl. Actually this
connection should be closed, if there was a failure, but somehow it is not.
And possibly it is a fd in DBD::Pg code (or libpq code). I will think how to
check this...

Sincerely Yours,
Denis Perchine

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