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SubjectRe: cpu stepping

Stepping is Intel teminology for chip revisions - possibly other
manufacturers have used the same terminology. Intel documents the fixes,
or rather the bugs and work-arounds, for each stepping level in the
addendum to the particular processor's reference manual. Probably, I
haven't checked, this info is available in PDF format from the INTEL
website (

IBM terminology for the equivalent of stepping level is EC level
(engineering change level).

To understand the fine detail of the intel stepping levels, in particular
the work-arounds, you'll need to be familiar with the processor
architecture to the extent an assembler programmer would be.

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"Jon Hulatt" <> on 12/12/2000 10:45:50

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Subject: cpu stepping


sorry to ask this here but i'm finding difficulty getting this info

I'm not an assembly programmer and i know little about cpu's. it's a hole
my knowledge i guess. i'm looking for some technical introduction doc to
explain what diff. aspects of cpu do, what is stepping and all that.
especially for intel but also for other architectures.



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