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SubjectRe: Linux 2.2.18 release notes
>           ... added basic support for the Pentium IV. Unfortunately Intel 
chose to
> ignore all precedent in model numbering via cpuid and report a
> family of '15'. This sudden jump broke assumptions in the
> kernel tree without any warning. Intel have failed to provide
> good reasons for their change. We have chosen to continue to
> report the Pentium IV as a '686' class processor. The full
> family data is provided via cpuinfo.
> In addition the early Pentium IV chips appear to have some
> problems. You should be using stepping 7 or higher processors
> with the latest shipping microcode update if you wish to run
> Linux on a Pentium IV processor.
> + Intel Pentium IV support

How is the Pentium IV more advanced than the Pentium III, other than speed?
Why would LInux care about a 1500 MHz clock or 400 MHz bus speed?
Just treat the PIV as a faster PIII.

-- Ted
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