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SubjectRe: 2.4.0-test12-pre7 shutdowns and eepro100 woes

On Mon, Dec 11, 2000 at 10:52:19AM -0800, Tom Murphy wrote:
> Also, regarding the eepro100 driver, are there any plans to fix
> support for the following chipset (given by lspci):
> I have one of these at work and I will get the following messages:
> Dec 11 10:46:13 morpheus kernel: eepro100: cmd_wait for(0xffffff80)
> +timedout with(0xffffff80)!
> Dec 11 10:46:20 morpheus last message repeated 6 times
> (using eepro100 from 2.2.18pre27.. I guess it's not 2.2.18 proper)

Last time you asked the similar question, my answer to you bounced.

This debug output was submitted by Dragan Stancevic <>.
The current timeout values are high enough to try to increase them more.
The question I'm interested in is how command 0x80 appeared in the command

To answer your question in short, yet, we hope to fix the problem sooner or

Andrey V.
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