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SubjectRE: Signal 11 - the continuing saga
Hi again,

Ok, I just upgraded to 2.4.0test12 (although I don't think there was any
work in 12 that directly addresses this signal 11 problem). When compiling
the new kernel I chose to disable AGPGart and RDM as suggested by I will report later if this makes any difference.

On another, possibly related note, I'm getting some really weird behavior
with a Java program. The only reason I mention it here is because it dies
with our old friend Signal 11. Anyway, please bear with the description
I have a tiny bash script that launches a Java swing app. If I run my
script from an xterm (or gnome-terminal or whatever) then it starts up fine.
If, however, I try to launch it from my gnome taskbar's menu then it dies
with signal 11 (the Java log is available upon request). This seems to be
100% consistent, since I noticed it yesterday, even across reboots.
Interestingly, the same behavior occurs if I try to run the program from
withis JBuilder 4.
So, is this related to the larger signal 11 problems?

What else can I do regarding these issues to help fix it? Would a core dump
help anyone? I'd really like to contribute somehow but I need some


> From: CMA []
> Did you already try to selectively disable L1 and L2 caches (if
> your box has both) and see what happens?

Anyone know how to do this?

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