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SubjectRe: National Semiconductor DP83815 ethernet driver?

>From searching Google, I know some sort of driver exists. In July, Adam J.
>Richter ( posted a 2.2.16 driver he obtained from Dave
>Gotwisner at Wyse Technologies. And Tim Hockin mentioned that he was using
>an NSC driver, but had made some minor modifications.

This one has a very murky past. Adam & I have both received the same
driver from within NatSemi, which turned out to be a rehash of the
driver originally written by Donald Becker (with his name and the GPL
license removed...). It should be noted that this wasn't "written" by
NatSemi themselves, but by a company called TeamF1.

Since then Donald's original driver (natsemi.c) has been folded into the
2.4 kernel, and I can happily report works well with 2.2 as well. It's
certainly a lot better than the dp83815.c program, which I found had
the tendency to hang the machine completely in high traffic (well, if
you count ftping from a host on the same 10Mb half duplex network as
high load ;).


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