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Subject2.2.16 SMP: mtrr errors
Please cc: any responses to my email address <>

My setup
-A standard install of RedHat 7.0 with the 2.2.16smp w/ hand compiled X
4.0.1 to support xinerama
-Tyan tiger 133 s1834 motherboard (VIA Apollo Pro133A Chipset)
-256mb PC133 RAM
-Two 800 Mhz PIII eb Slot-1 CPU's
-Matrox g450 32MB RAM dual-heal AGP video card w/ hand compiled X driver
from matrox

My problem
from /var/log/message at startup:

mtrr: v1.35a (19990819) Richard Gooch (
CPU0: Intel Pentium III (Coppermine) stepping 03
CPU1: Intel Pentium III (Coppermine) stepping 03
Total of 2 processors activated (3194.88 BogoMIPS).
checking TSC synchronization across CPUs: passed.
mtrr: your CPUs had inconsistent variable MTRR settings
mtrr: probably your BIOS does not setup all CPUs

and immediately after starting X:

kernel: mtrr: base(0xd4000000) is not aligned on a size(0x1800000) boundary
last message repeated 2 times

and finally:

%cat /proc/mtrr
reg00: base=0x00000000 ( 0MB), size= 256MB: write-back, count=1
reg01: base=0xd0000000 (3328MB), size= 64MB: write-combining, count=1
reg02: base=0xd5800000 (3416MB), size= 8MB: write-combining, count=1

I would like to know what, if anything, is wrong and what I can do about it.



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