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SubjectRe: UP 2.2.18 makes kernels 3% faster than UP 2.4.0-test12
In article <> you wrote:
>> Doing a 'make bzImage' is NOT VM-intensive. Using this as a test
>> for the VM doesn't make any sense since it doesn't really excercise
>> the VM in any way...

> Its an interesting demo that 2.4 has some performance problems since 2.2
> is slower than 2.0 although nowdays not much.

Seems to depend on the hardware used. On my test box, 2.4 is faster by

Arjan van de Ven

AMD Duron 700Mhz with 128Mb of 133Mhz Ram
2 IBM 15Gb ATA100 disks in RAID0 raid

tested kernels:
2.2.18 + raid patch + latest IDE patch

compiling 2.2.18 with gcc 2.95.2

1st run 2nd 3rd
kernel 2.2.18/raid/ide 3:28.909 3:28.819 3:28.840
kernel 2.4.0test12pre7 3:28:520 3:28.534 3:28.546

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