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SubjectRe: K6-2+ and MSR registers (PowerNOW)

> Bought myself this new CPU that is mainly available for laptops.
> I have Tyan S1590 board which BIOS won't POST if I set cpu speed (it's
> 500Mhz chip) >300Mhz. This won't matter much in windows since I can there
> use graphical utility which allows one to set whe CPU clock multiplier in
> flight as 2.0 - 6.0. But since my machine is Linux like 98% of the time
> I'd like to do same in linux.
> Things I have considered are. Do I need to recalculate BoGos? Do I need to
> reserve the IO space to access it from user space.

You should recalculate bogomips. Hell _may_ break loose if you don't,
but it probably will not.

> In the end it would be nice to do proc entry or user space program that
> allows one to [sg]et cpu speed and other PowerNOW properties.

Hmm, it would be nice if generic interface existed: my philips velo 1
can set cpu speed in range 2MHz .. 40MHz.

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