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SubjectRe: [PATCH] aty128fb & >8bit
> Hello.  I just noticed that in 2.2.18pre27 you can only use the aty128fb
> driver at 8 bit, because of some missing bits to drivers/video/
> w/o this you can't use console at > 8 bit nor X. I would consider this to
> be a good thing to squash for 2.2.18 final because 2.2.18 is the 1st release
> in a while that works well on PPC, and lots of PPCs have a rage128.

Also, this patch to make it compile as module. How did these get removed?
I could have swore they used to work fine.

Sorry for the attachment. This computer has evolution.

Brad Douglas

--- linux-2.2.18pre25/drivers/video/Makefile Mon Dec 11 12:05:55 2000
+++ linux/drivers/video/Makefile Thu Dec 7 15:26:03 2000
@@ -106,6 +106,10 @@

ifeq ($(CONFIG_FB_ATY128),y)
L_OBJS += aty128fb.o
+ ifeq ($(CONFIG_FB_ATY128),m)
+ MX_OBJS += aty128fb.o
+ endif

ifeq ($(CONFIG_FB_IGA),y)
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