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SubjectRe: ANNOUNCE: Linux Kernel ORB: kORBit

On Mon, 11 Dec 2000, Dietmar Kling wrote:

> > You do realize what "evolution" means? I'm not talking about the bugs
> > in implementation. I'm talking about botched design. _That_ never gets
> > fixed. Show me one example when that would happen and I might consider
> > taking such possibility seriously.
> That's what I am talking about in my "mean" attitude. Some things
> must be carried until the dead end. When there's no place to move
> anymore than new things will evolve.

Minix is still alive.

> < short thinking >
> As for your second point. Take libc5 and libc6. I really have no
> *deep* insight. But I believe redesigning it for Multithreading
> was mayor step.

... and libc6 was not a result of evolution of libc5 - they have a
common ancestor, but they got several years of divergent evolution
before the displacement had happened.

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