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SubjectRe: Unable to compile the 2.2.18 kernel
Thanks.  I missed that this time when I modified the Makefile.  I didn't pay
close attention to the new script code in there to check for the kernel

----- Original Message -----
From: "Peter Samuelson" <>
To: "Anthony Barbachan" <>
Cc: "Alan Cox" <>; "Linux Kernel Mailing List"
Sent: Monday, December 11, 2000 1:17 AM
Subject: Re: Unable to compile the 2.2.18 kernel

> [Anthony Barbachan]
> > I am unable to compile the latest kernel. I have attached my kernel
> > configuration and a copy of the output of where the compile fails. I
> > am looking into what is causing the compile failure, but have not
> > been able to figure it out yet. Still looking though.
> It looks like you overrode the 'CC' make variable, either by editing
> the toplevel Makefile or at the command line. This works fine in 2.4,
> but in 2.2 you need to pass extra flags to the compiler:
> make zImage
CC="/usr/local/gcc- -I$(pwd)/include -D__KERNEL__"
> ...for example.
> Peter

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