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SubjectRe: 2.2.18pre25, S3, AMD K6-2, and MTRR....


On Sun, 10 Dec 2000, Victor J. Orlikowski wrote:

> You appear to be right, sir.
> The SVGA xserver was what I was using. Changing over to use the S3
> server, and then adding back in MTRRs, seems to have solved the

Hm, I have to see whether GX2 works with the S3V server. May
be GX2 is not supported.

> trouble. I'll let you know if it returns, but for now, all appears
> well.

I'm using XF86_SVGA and it seems the s3v driver in 3.3.* and
may be 4.0.* (as mentioned in the xfree-xpert list) has problem with
the right usage of the accel FIFO for the GX2 cards. Not sure for
your S3Trio32/64 card. It seems the faster CPU and the AGP speed hits the
problem. I see some problems in the image (some dots are missing from
different letters, sometimes).

regs3v.h approximates the loop to 6 seconds:
#define MAXLOOP 0xffffff /* timeout value for engine waits, ~6 secs */

For my CPU the lockup takes 4.8 seconds. Not sure why they are
sometimes infinite.

So, I'm leaving this mail list, it seems this is a s3v driver

> Victor



Julian Anastasov <>

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