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SubjectRe: Dropping chars on 16550

On 11-Dec-2000 Igmar Palsenberg wrote:
> On Sun, 10 Dec 2000 wrote:
>> Hi folks
>> What should I do, when I run cdda2wav | gogo (riping CD from a ATAPI
>> CD thru mp3 encoder) and get a continuous dropping of characters, on a
>> 16550-
>> enhanced serial port, without handshake, with full-duplex load of 115200
>> bps?
>> About 1 of 320 bytes is miscommunicated.
> Use handshaking what I did. Go on eBay and pick up a Hayes ESP card.

I have a fairly weak system by todays standards, and I found that
even with a 16550 serial port, I'd get tcp/ip errors in my logs
(and lots of 'em).

They never wrote decent ESP drivers for Windows, but the
Linux drivers are superb. I popped it in, configured it,
and the tcp errors vanished...not a single one in the 10 months
I've owned it.

It bugs me that they're making PC's w/o ISA cards now, because
I dont wanna give up my Hayes ESP. Based on what I saw, a 16550
with it's tiny 16-byte buffer, isnt enough.

(yes, I'm stuck with POTS+PPP. Cable modems are available...
but the ISP is @Hoax. Yuck. The only DSL grade I can get is
IDSL -- $70/month. Double yuck.)

Mark Orr

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