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SubjectRE: Signal 11
(This message contains a number of related replies.)

> From: Mike Galbraith []
> Is init permanently running after you see a couple of these?

No, that is, after 23 hours up time it has used only 6 seconds CPU time
(according to top).

That reminds me that I should repeat that my signal 11 problem has (so far)
only caused X to die. The OS remains up and stable.

> From: []
> My troublesome box finally seems to be stable.[...]I disabled DRM
> & AGPGart. With them both disabled, I get no problems at all.
> No Sig11's, No Sig4's, No lockups.
> This box has a Voodoo3 3000 AGP..

I suppose I can try this too. My box has a Matrox G400. BTW, what is DRM?
Direct Rendering something?

> From: CMA []
> Did you already try to selectively disable L1 and L2 caches (if
> your box has both) and see what happens?

I'll look into this as well. Anyone have any pointers on how to do this? I
have a Tyan Tiger 133 with Award BIOS if this helps/matters.

Even if this setting does make a difference, what does this tell me/us? I
don't consider running the box with disabled cache(s) a viable solution.

Thanks all and keep those suggestions coming.


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