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SubjectPATCH: SMBFS does not compile on test12-pre8
Yo All!

Scott McDermott <> convinced me the way
to fix my problem with SMBFS was to use the INIT_LIST_HEAD() macro.

This allows SMBFS to compile and may even be correct:

--- sock.c.dist Mon Dec 11 15:26:56 2000
+++ sock.c Mon Dec 11 15:27:03 2000
@@ -163,7 +163,7 @@
- job-> = NULL; // gem
+ INIT_LIST_HEAD(&job->cb.list);
job->cb.sync = 0;
job->cb.routine = smb_data_callback;
job-> = job;
I am confused because INIT_LIST_HEAD() sets the next and prev
pointers to point to the current structure. I just have to
assume the list folks know what they are doing and that is why they
made it a macro.

Could someone that knows lists and/or smbfs look at this?

Gary E. Miller Rellim 20340 Empire Ave, Suite E-3, Bend, OR 97701 Tel:+1(541)382-8588 Fax: +1(541)382-8676

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