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SubjectRe: cardbus pirq conflict

I goofed in the report below. I had switched to the i82365
pcmcia driver to see if it was affected by the pirq problems
the night before, and forgotten to switch back to the yenta_socket.

Switching back to the yenta_socket, plus andrewm's keventd patch
allowed the collection of cardbus pcmcia cards to work. Apm suspend
and shutting down the machine do not cause an Oops either.

I do however still recieve a nasty message about a pirq table
conflict, but it does not seem to affect the operation of the

The pirq conflict message seems a little harsh though, and perhaps

Thank you all.


--Matt Galgoci

On Mon, Dec 11, 2000 at 12:48:16PM -0500, Matthew Galgoci wrote:
> Hello,
> I tried this patch against test12-pre7, and all that I get is
> "cs: socket c7604800 timed out during reset. Try increasing
> setup_delay."
> Performing cardctl reset yields the same message. I think that
> cardctl reset takes away the possibility that increasing
> setup_delay would actually help.
> The Oops on shutdown no longer occurs, so I believe that you
> have fixed the race contition you descdibed. The Oops was
> also occuring on apm resume, but that has ceased as well.
> I will try testing some other cardbus cards later today, and will
> also experiment with an unpatch test12-pre8
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