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SubjectRe: [RFC] Configuring synchronous interfaces in Linux
Russell King <> écrit :
> We already have a standard interface for this, but many drivers do not
> support it. Its called "ifconfig eth0 media xxx":
> bash-2.04# ifconfig --help
> Usage:
> ifconfig [-a] [-i] [-v] [-s] <interface> [[<AF>] <address>]
> ...
> [mem_start <NN>] [io_addr <NN>] [irq <NN>] [media <type>]

Ok. Hmmm... If I want to do something like
'ifconfig scc0 media some_frequency up' as I hope to set scc0 as a DCE (or
ifconfig scc0 media auto up' for a DTE), I must teach ifconfig.c to
distinguish Ethernet and synchrone interface based on interface.type, right ?

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