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SubjectRe[3]: DMA for triton again...
> will try tonight... and will let you know tomorrow...
... Nop, it didn't work. Mike and everybody having experience / knowledge of Western Digital Caviar AC21600H... If you compare WD's documents at:
they, respectively ,say:

UDMA if CCC is A8-AG (AH is not UDMA), D5-D7, Bx, or Cx All others -- PIO Mode 4


16.6 MB/s (burst Mode 4 PIO) *
16.6 MB/s (burst Mode 2 DMA) **
33.3 MB/s (Mode 2 Ultra DMA) ***

*Max PIO burst rate is specified at 16.6 MB/s using the IORDY signal.
**Max DMA and multi-word DMA burst rate is specified using the DMARQ and DMACK signals.
***Mode 2 Ultra DMA is supported in the following firmware revisions (CCC Codes: A8, AA, AC, AD, AG, D5, D6, D7, Bx, Cx).

Which one is true? Do non-UDMA AC21600H (I've got CCC F6) support DMA?

Is it possible to find out where hdparm -d1 is stopped? Maybe by compiling it with -g and debugging... As far as I understand, BIOS is not an issue, since ide.txt says, that Linux doesn't use BIOS when working with hard drives...

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