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SubjectRe: watchdog software

Alan Cox wrote:
> > > > my question is:
> > > > what kind of problem can have this serveur:
> > > > hardware or software ?
> > >
> > > What sort of watchdog are you using ?
> >
> > software. no hardware solution.
> >
> The software watchdog will fail if the kernel is badly mashed or interrupts
> are disabled.

> That means it doesn't help tell me if the problem was hardware
> or software (nor in general do hardware watchdogs). Is this one box running
> different loads to the others or different in any notable way ?
nothing really different. we have 5-6 servers like this one and
this one have been crashed for 2 days only (once per day).
never before !? when the server crashed the load was 1.2. nothing
really bad.
the only difference is: this server has the serial cart. I was
in contact with Ted for the serial problem on Linux, but I have
no news from about the crashs.
I do not know if the serial cart can crash the server that
interrupts are disabled ?

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