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SubjectRe: Used space in bytes
Followup to:  <>
By author: Jan Kara <>
In newsgroup:
> Hello.
> I sent similar email a few weeks ago but discussion ended without
> any useful results if I rememeber well.
> Quota in reiserfs is (and needs to be) accounted in bytes not in blocks.
> I modified quota system to allow such thing so in kernel there's no
> problem. But also 'quotacheck' needs to know how many space does given
> file use. Currently it uses st_blocks from stat(2) to compute the space
> used but for reiserfs we need precision in bytes, not in 512 byte blocks...
> My proposal is to alter stat64() syscall to return also number of bytes
> used (I tried to contact Ulrich Drepper <> who should
> be right person to ask about such things (at least I was said so) but go
> no answer...). Does anybody have any better solution?
> I know about two others - really ugly ones:
> 1) fs specific ioctl()
> 2) compute needed number of bytes from st_size and st_blocks, which is
> currently possible but won't be in future

Report a block size (really allocation unit size) st_blocks == 1?

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