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SubjectRe: Installing kernel 2.4
"Jeff V. Merkey" wrote:
> > The kernel isn't going non-ELF. Too painful, for dubious advantages,
> > namely:
> >
> perhaps we should extend ELF. After all, where linux goes, gcc
> follows....

I would like to see some features added to ELF. Resource binding support
would be nice, i.e. bitmaps used internally by GUI apps and such, so
that they can be shared between processes if they are in a shared lib,
and so that the app can reload faster if the resources are cached. I
suspect this is what allows netscape to restart in < 2 sec under Windows
or OS/2, versus ~5 sec under Linux on the same system.

Executable signing or at least a CRC (optional, of course) would be nice
too. Version strings would be helpful in some cases as well (like bad
programs that don't/can't support the -v|-V|--version options, or for
automated retrieval of the information)

Sorry if these features are supported already.

Mark McClelland
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