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SubjectRe: [bug] usb-uhci locks up on boot half the time
"Dunlap, Randy" wrote:

> > Either. Currently bus (self) powered. This hub has worked
> > fine on my other
> > computers without any adverse affect.
> Bus-powered != self-powered.

It had been a long day. I really do know the distinction :)

It is currently bus powered and I've only once had it self powered
several months ago. It is an SIIG 4 port hub, I hadn't seen any
complaints about it doing a web search when I looked, so I purchased it.

I have found that after unplug/plug the mouse and reboot, If I unplug
the hub then the boot will continue fine, if I unplug the just the mouse
(which is plugged into the hub), the machine will indeed hang. If I
reset the power on the hub and plug it back in it will still hang.
I must reset the power on the motherboard.

The oddity is that kdb shows the machine to lock up on the popf in
pci_conf_write_word()+0x2c. I never did get around to digging up this
routine and looking at the code, but I suspect this is a final return
from the routine. I'm rather confused however, I have no idea why a
flags pop would hang the hardware.


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