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SubjectRe: Broken colors on console with 2.4.0-textXX
On Tue, 7 Nov 2000, Alan Cox wrote:

> > Actually I just thought about it. Do you DRI running. When you have DRI
> > enabled you shouldn't VT switch. It is a design flaw in DRI and the
> > console system :-(. Disable DRI you you will be fine.
> The theory behind DRI covers this fine. If its breaking fix the bugs in the
> Xserver and DRI code. X gets to pick when it gives the console back

You didnt read the config, etc. I posted - I dont have DRI - I
have an old P100 with 32Megs of ram and an old ATI Mach64 graphics
card. There really is nothing unusual with my setup - console
garbagling is even without loading the bttv module at all.


Richard Guenther <>
The GLAME Project:

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