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Subjecti386 PC Keyboad Patch, for very exotic Keyboads

ich have wrote a Patch, for all the PS2-Keyboards what
use exotic Scancodes and Functions. Teh backgroud is
that we use Point of Sale Keyboards with Display , Keylock
ans Magnetic Stripe Reader. On Keyboard send the Magnetic-Tracks
in a Raw Format only as Scacodes. I can't handle this data in the
user-space with the RAW Mode. The Original Keyboard Driver Can't
handle this, the stati for Caps and Shift ar all false, after this.
An other Problem ist that the orignal PS/2 Driver can't write data
to the Keyboard for example an Keyboard with an Keylock. I must
write a Command to the Keyboard, that than replay my the Keylock-

The Idee is that an Driver-module can registrated one
keyboard-event-extention. with the Funktion.


This Funktion can tah filtered the Exotic Scanodes.

I think this Patch is veriy interst for Keyboard'with additional
Key-Funktions for example Keys for a CD-Player. The additional
Keys can filtered in a Modular-Driver, wich used from the CD-Player.

My patch is written for a 2.2.16 Kernel, i think it is no Probem
use the Patch for an other 2.2.* kernel, with a litte bit change
for the 2.4.x kernel.

Please give me Comments

Michael Westermann

PS: We have installed over 10 Supermarket with Debian/Linux POS-Systemen ;-)

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