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SubjectRe: [linux-usb-devel] 2.4.0-test10 problems
I currently do not use either APM or ACPI. Initially I used ACPI
and removing it in test8 appeared to fix the problem (but I suspect
that was just 'appear' rather than 'fix' 8-). I moved to APM instead
of ACPI in test9 - no change, and indeed in test10 I use neither.

There is a flag in the BIOS for Plug n Play OS. I shall toggle it and
observe the results.

Brad Hards wrote:

> Richard Polton wrote:
> > I have been testing my test10 installation and have come up with
> > a few old problems, all of which have been reported before.
> Don't known about the second two, but maybe can shed some light on the
> first one.
> > 1. Warm reboot fails to restart, i.e. hangs after displaying 'Restarting
> >
> > system'. In this particular scenario, the power switch is disabled
> > too and the only way in which the machine responds is by switching
> > off at the wall and pulling the battery. Note that this scenario has
> > been
> > observed only if I boot, get the login prompt (optionally log in)
> > and then
> > ctrl-alt-del. A similar scenario occurs after an amount of time
> > using the
> > machine and then rebooting. In this case, the machine restarts
> > successfully
> > but hangs when it tries to initialise (right word?) the UHCI
> > controller.
> I think that the problem is pci / power management related. I have seen
> similar problems with my laptop (VAio F430), especially when warm
> booting from Win98 into Linux.
> Things to try:
> 1. Look at PnP or similar options (could be named anything) in the BIOS,
> and try toggling them.
> 2. Try APM instead of ACPI, or turn off power management.
> 3. If it hangs, 'soft cycle' the power. This is effective about 90% of
> the time for me.
> If any of this helps, you might like to post the results. I intend to do
> some more testing with -test10 over the next week or so, and will also
> post results.
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