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SubjectRe: accessing on-card ram/rom
"MEHTA,HIREN (A-SanJose,ex1)" wrote:
> I have a PCI card which has on-card ram/rom which gets mapped
> into pci address space and there is a separate base register
> for this memory. Now the question is : can I access this on-card
> memory by converting the pci base address into the virtual address
> using bus_to_virt and adding the required offset ? Or do I need
> to use ioremap function to map the physical address space starting
> from the pci base address into the kernel virtual address space ?
> Or is there any other interface to access the on-card memory ?
> Is it that bus_to_virt can be used only for the normal RAM ?

Use ioremap.

For more details, read linux/Documentation/IO-mapping.txt.


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