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SubjectRe: Nvidia GeForce2 kernel driver - kernel 2.4.0 test-10

On Wed, 08 Nov 2000 10:52:41 Anthony Chatman wrote:
> Speaking of Nvidia, I have a Nvidia GeForce2, and had problems loading
> the NV kernel module with a patched test10 kernel (i was running test9
> before). I took a look at the test10 patch, and noticed the following 2
> lines were taken out of <linux_dir>/include/linux/wrapper.h:
> #define mem_map_inc_count(p) atomic_inc(&(p->count))
> #define mem_map_dec_count(p) atomic_dec(&(p->count))
> I added those two defines back into wrapper.h and then was able to load

I think you should never do that. Those macros are outdated and were
removed from kernel. Patch NVdriver instead. Patch is attached.

BTW: does your board run ok on 2.4 ? I have a TNT2 and have not been able
to get it working on a 2.4-smp. In 2.2-smp works fine. I don't know what
is bad...In a recent strace (with test10), it seemed to be hanged on a
poll() call...

Juan Antonio Magallon Lacarta #> cd /pub #> more beer

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