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SubjectRe: [RANT] Linux-IrDA status
Jean Tourrilhes writes:
> If you can break up stuff that has accumulated over one year,
> please tell me so. Most of the original patches have been lost in the
> mist of time. We could send it file by file, but that would give some
> interesting results ;-)

<rant mode=on>
That doesn't work either ;( Some of Dag's patches were from me, and I
have even tried sending Linus small self-contained obviously correct patches
for IrDA, but they just don't go in, and, dispite me asking several times
for an explaination why they are not, I've never received an answer.

Its almost although Linus is no longer interested in kernel support for IrDA.
I really don't know why Linus doesn't drop the whole IrDA stuff out of the
kernel if he's not willing to let people maintain it.

The latest changes to the initcall stuff in 2.4.0-test10 *did* affect IrDA,
but now every IrDA patch out there to get it working requires fixing up.

Linus, can we PLEASE have an explaination as to what is going on with IrDA?
<rant mode=off>
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