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SubjectRe: [bug] usb-uhci locks up on boot half the time
I am going thru the steps atm.  The JE driver also hangs.

More information. I have an external USB 4 port hub, in which I have one
logitech mouse at the moment. I can cold boot and reboot to my heart's
delight fine. But if I unplug/plug in the mouse and reboot, it will hang.
Note, I have to unplug and plug back in the mouse to get it recognized by
the system before I can use it.

So we're probably looking at something other than the uhci/je driver.


Greg KH wrote:

> If you have the time, could you please do the debugging steps that Keith
> Owens just listed. It might enable us to determine what is wrong with
> the usb-uhci.o driver (the JE driver doesn't work with all devices right
> now, so we are still dependent on usb-uhci.o).

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