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SubjectRe: Installing kernel 2.4
On Wed, 08 Nov 2000, George Anzinger wrote:
> But, here the customer did run the configure code (he said he did not
> change anything). Isn't this where the machine should be diagnosed and
> the right options chosen? Need a way to say it is a cross build, but
> that shouldn't be too hard.

Why default to incompatibility?! If the user explicitly says "I really do want
a kernel which only works on this specific machine as it is now, and I want it
to break otherwise", fine. Don't make it a default!

BTW: Has anyone benchmarked the different optimizations - i.e. how much
difference does optimizing for a Pentium make when running on a PII? More to
the point, how about optimizing non-exclusively for a Pentium, so the code
still runs on earlier CPUs?

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