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SubjectRe: Question on new PCI architecture (2.4.x)
Ivan Passos wrote:
> Hello,
> I was just checking the driver changes needed to comply with the new PCI
> architecture in 2.4.x, and then I got into a problem. I noticed that all
> drivers that use this architecture (or at least the ones I found, such as
> the Tulip, EEPro100, 3c59x ...) support boards with only one net_device
> per board. What about boards with more than one net_device??
> In my case, the driver supports one- and two-channel boards, and I don't
> know how to remove a board that has two net_devices (since
> pdev->driver_data can't contain two pointers!! ;).

pdev->driver_data is only there as a convenience, there is no rule about
one device per board.

In the case of multiple net devices per board, pdev->driver_data would
point to a structure which you allocate, which contains pointers to each
of that board's net devices.

> Also, if anyone could give me pointers to documentation on this new PCI
> architecture (sample src code would be great, real documentation, even
> better!!), I'd really appreciate it.

What questions do you have?

Documentation/pci.txt, include/linux/pci.h, drivers/pci/pci.c, and
various PCI drivers are the only documentation available.


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