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SubjectB/W G3 - big IDE problems with 2.4.0-test10
I've been trying Debian woody for PowerPC on a blue-and-white G3 tower
machine (PPC750/350 MHz, 192 MB RAM). Finally got yaboot working, so now
I'm playing with getting 2.4.x going (in part to get the built-in support
for Mac-on-Linux). However, when I try to boot the kernel, I get errors
about conflicts in I/O address space, and the secondary IDE interface
(what 2.2.17 sees as hde/hdf) shows up as the primary, but both hard
drives (Linux installed on hdb, MacOS on hda) do not show at all. I can't
use serial-console, and I don't have an NFS server (I may have to setup a
basic NFS-root image on another machine to boot it from). Also, it has no
floppy drives. I can't scroll back, so I can't read all the messages.

I saw a previous post about a similar situation with test5 a ways back in
Geocrawler's linux-kernel archive, but I don't see any answer to the
earlier query.

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