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SubjectRE: USB init order dependencies.
> From: Russell King []
> Dunlap, Randy writes:
> > I'm not following your argument very well. I've read it
> > and reread it several times.
> > Does adding a call to usb_init() in init/main.c cause
> > USB to be init 2 times?
> No. As I said elsewhere in this thread, the USB OHCI chip is
> not accessible
> until other board-specific initialisation has happened. This
> is done via an
> initcall. Unfortunately, moving usb_init() back into
> init/main.c will mean
> that USB is again initialised before any initcalls, which
> means for these
> boards USB will be non-functional without additional changes
> over and above just moving usb_init().
> I hope this helps you understand the problem.

Yes, that does help.

David Woodhouse wrote:
> But OHCI init isn't called from usb_init() is it?

No, it's not. It's another __initcall (module_init).

> The proposal is only to move the single call to usb_init() back into
> init/main.c - not to move all the USB initcalls back.

Yes, your proposal is to init only "usbcore" from init/main.c.
I still don't see a need to do this in test10.
It's fixed now AFAIK.


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