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SubjectSlow screen redraw in 2.4.x
I've noticed noticeably slower screen refresh in 2.4.x than under the
2.2 kernel series. It's most noticeable when running xscreensaver with
fast scrolling patterns, or when doing opague moves of large windows.
I'm using Xfree 4.01 and the XFree driver for the Nvidia card (not the
Nvidia binary package).

This has been happening to me since the earliest 2.3.99 kernels, but it
isn't really a very scientific observation, so I thought I'd wait and
see if performance improved. It hasn't, so I thought I'd post it here to
hear other people's thoughts on it.

Would it have anything to do with shm performance under 2.4. I read that
Rik said that it wasn't really as good as it could be. Does that mean
that it should be slower than under 2.2 though?

Sorry for my cluelessness. Tell me to get lost if this doesn't belong
here, or let me know what tests I should run which would give a number
to these observations.


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