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Mostly driver updates.

With a few notable exceptions: two rather subtle MM race conditions that
happened with SMP and highmem respectively. And the FXCSR and file locking
that was already discussed on the list.



- pre1:
- me: make PCMCIA work even in the absense of PCI irq's
- me: add irq mapping capabilities for Cyrix southbridges
- me: make IBMMCA compile right as a module
- me: uhhuh. Major atomic-PTE SMP race boo-boo. Fixed.
- Andrea Arkangeli: don't allow people to set security-conscious
bits in mxcsr through ptrace SETFPXREGS.
- Jürgen Fischer: aha152x update
- Andrew Morton, Trond Myklebust: file locking fixes
- me: TLB invalidate race with highmem
- Paul Fulghum: synclink/n_hdlc driver updates
- David Miller: export sysctl_jiffies, and have the proper no-sysctl
version handy
- Neil Brown: RAID driver deadlock and nsfd read access to
execute-only files fix
- Keith Owens: clean up module information passing, remove
- Jeff Garzik: network (and other) driver fixes and cleanups
- Andrea Arkangeli: scheduler cleanup.
- Ching-Ling Li: fix ALi sound driver memory leak
- Anton Altaparmakov: upcase fix for NTFS
- Thomas Woller: CS4281 audio update

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