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SubjectRe: Broken colors on console with 2.4.0-textXX
On Mon, 6 Nov 2000, James Simmons wrote:

> > Unfortunately I cannot confirm this. Checked 2.4.0-test10 and the problem
> > is still there. I digged further and it seems to be a race condition(?)
> > triggered by swapped out stuff - because just starting X and switching
> > back to the console works fine, but as I start some memory-consuming stuff
> > (I have only 32Megs of ram) and then switch back to the console its
> > completely garbagled the first time and black the second time and later.
> I have seen this problem before. The problem is the X server is the one
> that sets the hardware back to vga text mode. Under heavy stress the X
> server can fail and the hardware is left in a undeterminate state. I have
> started on working to solve this problem but it will be something for
> 2.5.X since it requires quite a bit of change to vgacon and the console
> system. My recent vga patches where early attempts at this but they are
> still incomplete.

Umm, so why does this not happen with 2.2.X at all? Also the system is
not really stressed, but I simply do startx, inside an xterm go to
some random source, make -j, wait till the compile is complete and then
switch back to the console - its just that it seems that swapped out
X server or console stuff causes this.

I consider this quite a showstopper for 2.4.0.


Richard Guenther <>
The GLAME Project:

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