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SubjectRE: malloc(1/0) ??

> This way all should work. However someone mentioned that the returns
> from "malloc" should be unique. Why would that be? That would prohibit
> my "1" trick. The statement implies you want to go about checking
> pointers for equality. If for example you have a memcmp (a, b) that
> has "if (a == b) return 0;" at the beginning. That would be allowed
> for the NIL pointers. (all malloc-0 results SHOULD compare equal
> anyway: there are 0 differences....)

It's a SuSv2 thing:

"Upon successful completion with size not equal to 0, malloc() returns a
pointer to the allocated space. If size is 0, either a null pointer or a
unique pointer that can be successfully passed to free() will be returned.
Otherwise, it returns a null pointer and sets errno to indicate the error."


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