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SubjectRe: Installing kernel 2.4
> There are tests for all this in the feature flags for intel and
> non-intel CPUs like AMD -- including MTRR settings. All of this could
> be dynamic. Here's some code that does this, and it's similiar to
> NetWare. It detexts CPU type, feature flags, special instructions,
> etc. All of this on x86 could be dynamically detected.

Detection isnt the issue, its optimisations. Our 386 kernel build is the
detect all run on any one.

> mov sp, bx
> mov CPU_TYPE, 3 ; 80386 detected
> jz end_get_cpuid

This is wrong btw. You don;t check for Cyrix with CPUID disabled or
the NexGen or pre CPUID Cyrix...

> check_CMPXCHG8B:
> mov ax, word ptr ds:FEATURE_FLAGS
> and ax, CMPXCHG8B_FLAG
> jz check_4MB_paging

This needs a few other bits of interesting checking for non intel chips

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