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SubjectRe: continuing VM madness

On Tue, 07 Nov 2000 21:50:32 Michael Rothwell wrote:
> Should kswapd and klogd ever get "do_try_to_free_pages failed"? when
> this happens my machine is destabilized, and pauses briefly from time to
> time before locking up or otherwise becoming inert. This is 2.2.16+USB.
> Nov 7 14:51:36 cartman kernel: VM: do_try_to_free_pages failed for
> kswapd...
> Nov 7 15:46:39 cartman kernel: VM: do_try_to_free_pages failed for
> panel...

That seems to be the place for Andrea Arcangeli VM patch. Get it at:*

Or even better, get kernel 2.2.17 and

and get a 2.2.18-pre18-vm, with USB support included.

There is a 2.2.18-pre20 out, but I have not still checked if
works on it. It worked for me in -pre19.

Juan Antonio Magallon Lacarta #> cd /pub #> more beer

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