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Subject[2.4.0-test10] zImage, pcmcia, and ufs(44bsd)

hi all,

just a few reports:

1. zImage in test10 somehow isn't working properly. i have a
zImage sized a bit more than 500kb on my harddrive which hangs at
the loading process (the one showing dots).
i write the image to a floppy, and it boots just fine. if i
recompiled my kernel so the zImage size is around 490kb, the
image gets loaded just fine.

2. pcmcia is still missing from the test* series. it still only
cardbus and no pcmcia. i still have to edit autoconf.h myself
which is working just fine for me.

3. i use ufs to mount my freebsd4 partition, following the
instruction (including read-write support). i can read the
partition, but i can't write. mount(8) shows that the partition
is mounted rw. i also get:
UFS-fs error (device 03:05): ufs_add_entry: internal error
fragoff xxx

just drop me a line if you want me to test bugfix.


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