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SubjectRe: Persistent module storage [was Linux 2.4 Status / TODO page]
On Mon, 6 Nov 2000, Oliver Xymoron wrote:

> > 'init module' is still _after_ 'set mixer levels'. There is a period
> > during which the mixer levels are changed.
> Perhaps you mean before? Otherwise you've lost me.

Yeah, sorry, not enough coffee yet this morning.

> > The desired mixer levels should be available to the module at the time of
> > initialisation.
> Is this because active audio sources other than /dev/dsp writers are
> suddenly in and out of the mix? If there's nothing on the inputs, it
> shouldn't matter whether you're changing the levels.


> The right way to do this (according to any sound engineer) is to
> initialize all the levels to zero unless told otherwise. This would
> doubtless annoy the average user, but is more or less equivalent to not
> forwarding packets by default.

The current situation is equivalent to stopping forwarding packets each
time an app on the local machine decides it wants to send its own packets,
after a period of inactivity.

Defaulting to zero on boot is fine. Defaulting to zero after the module
has been auto-unloaded and auto-loaded again is less good.


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