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SubjectRe: Persistent module storage [was Linux 2.4 Status / TODO page]
David Woodhouse <> said:
> said:
> > Irrelevant. The current mixer settings don't matter: what matters is
> > that the driver does not change them.

> It does matter. The sound driver needs to be able to _read_ the current
> levels. Almost all mixer programs will start by doing this, to set the
> slider to the correct place.

OK, how then using _2_ modules, data and worker:

- Data (containing the mixer levels or whatever other data you want to save)
can only be unloaded after resetting to some default state. When loading
it sets the default state.
- Worker does the work, and on loading loads the data one (if not yet
resident) [This is automatic as the worker depends on symbols the data
module exports].

No funny "persistent data" mechanisms or screwups when the worker gets
removed and reinserted. In many cases the data module could be shared among
several others, in other cases it would have to be able lo load several
times or manage several incarnations of its payload.

Sure, makes sense only if the worker module is largeish; if not, just let
it stay put (When reconfiguring anything, increment module use count;
decrement on reset. This should do the trick also for the data module
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