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SubjectRe: Persistent module storage [was Linux 2.4 Status / TODO page]
Date said:
> The best solution to the sound driver issue, IMHO, is still entirely
> userspace--- just no-one has written it yet. What we should do: 1.
> Before auto-unload of the driver, run a small utility which will read
> mixer settings
> and save them somewhere 2. When auto-loading the driver, use driver
> arguments which are initialized from the
> settings saved above

That could work, although it may be better to make it more generic and
capable of handling any form of data.

Any form of persistent storage would do - and if it can be handled entirely
in userspace, all the better. I merely pointed out that Keith's
inter_module_xxx could provide this quite cleanly. Others disputed that it
was required at all.


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