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SubjectRe: Persistent module storage [was Linux 2.4 Status / TODO page]
Date said:
> I am thinking about the bigger picture: You are unloading a driver,
> then continuing to use the hardware. To me, that is an undefined
> state.

We're only using the pass-through levels. It's undefined but it doesn't
matter to the software. I'd actually suggest that for hardware which does
stop the pass-through audio when the driver is unloaded, we really ought not
unload the driver while those levels are non-zero.

We should still reset the hardware completely when we reload the driver -
it's just that we should reset it to the levels previously set by the user,
rather than resetting it to zeroes. said:
> However, since simply leaving the driver loaded solves all this mess,
> it doesn't seem worth changing drivers to do anything different.

Leaving the driver loaded has been my solution ever since kerneld was taken
out. I merely commented that Keith's new stuff would allow me to get
persistent storage working again. It's not very difficult to change the
driver to use it.

I believe the SBLive! driver is a little larger than the example you
pasted. I think we probably do care about adding a little bit more to the
pool of permanently unswappable pages here and there.


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