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SubjectRe: Persistent module storage [was Linux 2.4 Status / TODO page]
On Mon, 06 Nov 2000, David Woodhouse wrote:
> said:
> > So set them on startup. NOT when the driver is first loaded. Put it
> > in the rc.d scripts.
> No. You should initialise the hardware completely when the driver is
> reloaded. Although the expected case is that the levels just happen to be
> the same as the last time the module was loaded, you can't know that the
> machine hasn't been suspended and resumed since then.

If suspend/resume changes the settings of the card, you need to deal with that
as a separate issue - otherwise resume isn't restoring things properly. Perhaps
you need to prevent module unloading. Just restoring the correct settings when
the driver is loaded is definitely too late.

> said:
> > No need. Let userspace save it somewhere, if that's needed.
> Don't troll, James. Reread the thread and see why doing it in userspace is
> too late.

Why is it too late? There is no need for the driver to set *any* volume levels
on load. When told to load the driver, just LOAD the DRIVER. Don't reset the
card, or make ANY changes.

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