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SubjectRe: Can EINTR be handled the way BSD handles it? -- a plea from a user-land programmer...
Ulrich Drepper <> writes:

> "Theodore Y. Ts'o" <tytso@MIT.EDU> writes:
> > Arguably though the bug is in glibc, in that if it's using signals
> > behinds the scenes, it should have passed SA_RESTART to sigaction.
> Why are you talking such a nonsense?

[Note to self: remove kitten from keyboard before writing mail.]

Glibc has to use signals because there *still* is not mechanism in the
kernel to allow synchronization. After how many years.

I don't blame Linux. He has no interest in threads and therefore
spends not much time thinking about it. But everybody who's
complaining about things like this has to be willing to fix the real

Get your ass up and write a fast semaphore/mutex system.

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