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SubjectRe: [BUG REPORT] TCP/IP weirdness in 2.2.15

Hi Stephen

>Let me see if I understand this correct:
> Client Router Server
> ------------------------------------
> Linux Linux HPUX Bad
> WinNT Linux HPUX Good
> HPUX Linux HPUX Good
>With all Linux boxes version 2.2.something
>Is this correct?

Yes, this is right.

>This is slightly different from my situation; I had a Linux client and
>Linux server directly connected to the same switch (3Com Superstack

This is probably a configuration I'm going to try as well: put the cvs
server on a linux box and have it communicate to different clients.
However, the configuration I have now simply suggests that there cannot be
a problem on the IP level as the Linux box as router is working as expected.

>Perhaps if I get time I'll repeat the experiment with (a) the most
>recent Alan pre-2.2 kernel and (b) the most recent 2.4-test kernel...
>I'll re-iterate my original request, which was not "it's broke - can
>you fix it" but was "okay, how do I go about tracking this one down?"

At this stage, I am uncertain of the cause of the problem. I am pretty much
sure that the card, drivers and the IP level should work as expected. It is
lilkely that there could be a problem with CVS which gets caught in a kind
of deadlock - however, observing the TCP-packet communication and the
system calls done by both CVS client and server shows always the same
result (I put a printf before and after the read/recv call in the client):
- The clilent is stuck in the read system call on the socket for
reads and waits forever
- The server gets EWOULDBLOCK notifications when writing to the
socket and eventually goes
to sleep
- The last packages sent by the server will be resent roughly
every 30-60 seconds.
The client either responds no packages accepted or the last
packages are accepted by the
client but the system call still blocks.


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